Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare outstanding college students for the competitive and rigorous world of finance on Wall Street. We accomplish this by improving students’ understanding of technical skills through intensive training and practical job applications that will enable them to succeed at the junior level. Most importantly, we build meaningful and lasting relationships with our mentees through our unique one-on-one mentorship.

What We Do

Training Skills

Provide in-depth training, case studies, and use of real-world examples to develop your technical skills


Learn on-the-job skills through practical applications as an analyst intern in our Analyst Prep Program


Individual one-on-one mentoring and professional development from our alumni network and industry professionals


Access to a community of outstanding students and professional alumni network

What Our Students Say

Heeaje Lee

Summer Analyst, Point 72

I constantly valued companies on live positions—this experience naturally prepared me for interviews in a way textbooks could not. More importantly, the program connected me with an amazing network of people who were willing to help me break into and navigate Wall Street. This program is designed to help you achieve your goal, and I truly recommend it!

Rahi Patel

Investment Banking Intern, Barclays

Romero Mentoring has been truly a huge part of my development both on a personal and career front. It has helped me gain the experience and skills I need to be successful on Wall Street. The most valuable aspect of the program has been the constant engagement with Mr. Romero that has given me a steep learning curve into the finance industry.

Nancy Mannebach

Investment Banking Analyst, Wells Fargo

I am very grateful to Luis for the opportunity since it has given me a competitive edge during recruiting season. As a whole, if you’re interested in a career in the financial services industry I would recommend to get as many real-world learning experiences as possible—And this one is a great one!

Chris Cheon

Analyst Intern, Plexus Solutions LLC

Through the program’s intensive training and one-on-one mentorship, I have a much clearer understanding of equity research and higher confidence in my analyses and valuations. Most importantly, the program offers a community of ambitious co-interns, experienced alumni, and established bankers.

Garrett Finn

Investment Analyst, American Century Investments

The program was an invaluable complement to my education. It enhanced my valuation skills and gave me familiarity with practical real-world applications of financial modeling. In addition, the program gave me great exposure to investment research and strategy, as well as access to a promising new community of peers.

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Applying Technical Analysis to Stocks

Wednesday, November 31, 2017 at 8:00PM EST

This webinar explores how professional traders apply forecasting of future financial price movements based on the examination of past price movements by recognizing patterns.


Monster Beverage Corp. Stock Valuation Case

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:00PM EST

Learn how a Wall Street professional analyzes Monster Beverage Corp. by performing due diligence and equity valuation.