Analyst Prep Program

Get ahead of the rest with our 6-month program, purpose-built to jump-start your career on Wall Street.

Internship Program

Whether on-site or remote, on day one, student interns are prepared to add value by making significant contributions to their projects.

Training & Projects

We designed our curriculum around practical case studies to bridge the gap between theory and real-world practicality to prepare you for success.

Mentorship & Career Prep

Students receive individual one-on-one mentoring from our founder. The mentorship experience will help students achieve their career goals by setting strategies and short-term goals to track students’ progress.

Exceptional experience through training, internship, mentorship and networking to expedite your success

Rotational Experience

Investment Banking

A competitive and challenging field yet a rewarding learning experience. The IBD Analyst Prep Program is designed to teach students financial modeling, corporate valuation, and soft skills necessary for the analyst role.

Equity Research & Trading

Research analysts develop and communicate stock investment ideas. Traders apply both technical and fundamental analysis to execute trades for clients and firms across different asset classes. Students learn how to pitch investment ideas by performing fundamental and technical analysis.

Asset Management

Investing is complex and asset management professionals employ strategies across different asset classes to meet client ROI objectives. Students are exposed to investing strategies and risk reward concepts.


Financial Modeling


Build a dynamic financial statement model from scratch

Corporate Valuation


Apply valuation methodologies to determine the fair value of a target company

Technical Analysis


Identify chart patterns to price movements

Leveraged Buyout


Build a consolidated LBO model to analyze potential return on investment

Mergers & Acquisitions


Create a merger model and analyze if the deal is accretive or dilutive


Live Investment Case

Learn qualitative and technical skills through a live investment case

Investment Project

Create your own investment case applying the skills developed in training

Leveraged Buyout Case

Learn practical application of LBO modeling through a real-world case

Who Should Apply And What We Look For

Students and professionals pursuing a career in investment banking, equity research, trading or asset management are strongly encouraged to apply. Our candidates have a deep interest in finance and have demonstrated academic achievements, leadership, teamwork and are active members on campus or in their communities.

Our program scored a 97% satisfaction rate from our participants.

Get ahead and jump-start your finance career today.


Competitive Candidates Exhibit:

– A drive to succeed as evidenced by academic achievement, professional experiences, and campus involvement

– A willingness to learn and take on new challenges

– Leadership qualities, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to thrive in team environments

– Business acumen, attention to detail, and comfort with quantitative concepts

– Professionalism, maturity, and strong communication skills

– Analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities

– Cumulative GPA: 3.00 or better